Mr. Rozelle’s Undergraduate Portfolio

Use the links below to see the highlights of my professional career.


Interview with Education Talk Radio

In this 40-minute live radio interview, Chris offers his insights on pre-service teacher education, student teaching, and the future of education from his experiences in college. This interview took place in June 2018, the summer prior to Chris’s practicum and student teaching experiences.

Blog Post Contributor for Edutopia

This blog post was published December 2017 at the conclusion of Chris’s English Educraft independent study. The post outlines five unique tips for integrating digital games in the high school classroom using his experience with Minecraft: Education Edition.

Blog Post Contributor for Minecraft: Education Edition

This collaborative blog post outlined suggestions from educators on how to implement classroom management strategies with Microsoft’s Minecraft: Education Edition. Chris contributed several of the tips and wrote some of the descriptions for the tips. This blog post was published in March 2018 when Chris was a Minecraft Global Mentor.


INTASC Standards

This web page provides a reflection on each of the ten INTASC standards along with an artifact that demonstrates mastery of the standard.

Sample Class

This is a sample course page for a future class. While you won’t find much content here, you can see how I might set up an online learning management system by visiting the pages in the menu. Parents, students, and administrators can use this website to check in on the learning students are engaging in throughout the school year.

Sample Lesson Plan

This lesson plan demonstrates the ability to create standards-aligned objectives, differentiate a lesson, and provide active and meaningful education for students.

Undergraduate ePortfolios

Young Adult Literature ePortfolio

This electronic portfolio is the result of a semester studying young adult literature and pedagogy. Each artifact comes with annotations that align the content to standards relevant to the teaching of English.

Writing ePortfolio

This electronic portfolio contains some of the writings Chris has created throughout his educational career. The writing artifacts come with a written reflection that traces the improvements he has made over time.

Writing Center Consultant ePortfolio

This electronic portfolio contains several semesters of artifacts gathered during Chris’s experience in the Writing Center. The portfolio is divided into pages for each semester.

PDS Practicum ePortfolio

This electronic portfolio contains lessons, evaluations, and reflections from a practicum experience. It might be considered a Part 1 for my student teaching portfolio as I was placed with the same classroom for the practicum and student teaching in back-to-back semesters.

Student Teaching ePortfolio

This electronic portfolio contains lessons, evaluations, reflections, and outside experiences from student teaching. The portfolio is divided into pages for easy navigation and has a written description for each page that offers further description of the included artifacts.