First of all, welcome to!

I, Mr. Rozelle, set up this website to accompany our learning in school. You can come here whenever you want to check in with me, submit assignments, and talk with your classmates. So, take some time to get familiar with this website because it will be super helpful this year!

Now, I want you to know a few things that will make your time here both fun and beneficial.

  1. Check out my General Policies. This page outlines what you should know about homework, due dates, and online etiquette for this class.
  2. Make this class your own! You have probably figured out by now that you tend to learn a lot about the things that interest you. I encourage you to take what we are learning in class and adapt it to meet your needs as a learner.
  3. Stay in touch with me. Good communication is essential for your success in this course. You may email me or contact me through Google Classroom. I will be communicating with you about assignments, school events, and any other important information.

That’s it! Now it is time to log in to your class.

– Mr. Rozelle