General Policies

My Expectations

  1. Actively participate in class activities to the best of your abilities
  2. Give attention to whomever is addressing the class as a whole
  3. Support the work of your classmates


Researchers have found it difficult to find evidence that traditional homework has an impact on student performance. Thus, I will not be assigning any worksheets, writing assignments, or reading assignments throughout the school year. However, students may choose to spend time on certain class assignments outside of class. These exceptions include student-directed projects and papers.

Due Dates

Assignments will have clearly defined due dates. Students will be expected to turn in their assignments by the deadline. I reserve the right to modify the deadline based on student needs.

Cell Phones/Personal Devices

I personally love the idea of allowing students to use these personal devices in class, as I understand that being without that connection to the outside world can be more of a distraction than not. I plan on allowing students to use cell phones, however, class members must decide on an expectation for student use of cell phones and consequences for that expectation. As I am concerned about student privacy, students must refrain from taking pictures of their classmates without explicit consent.

Online Etiquette

Students are expected to foster digital citizenship in our online environment, interacting with others online in a safe and civil manner. Using an online platform for learning is an avenue for developing information literacy and collaborative skills. For a brief look at online etiquette, watch Brandman University’s explainer on online etiquette.